BRT Subway Q Car No. 1602A

Q Car

The museum's oldest passenger subway car, 1602A was originally fabricated as an open ended Gate car of wooden construction and was No. 1410.

In 1938 it was rebuilt at the Coney Island shops with enclosed steel ends and side opening doors for the 1939 World's Fair in New York City.

Car 1602A has seen service over all the elevated lines in Brooklyn, the Flushing line and the Third Avenue El in Manhattan.

In 2007, the Museum volunteers paneled the side of the car to protect it from the weather until such time the museum can undertake a restoration. In 2016, interest grew amongst our volunteers to start restoration work on this car. Restoration work will start sometime this year in 2017.

Dimensions: 48'-11" x 8'-8" x 12'-0", Weight: 70,600 lbs.