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TMNY book collection

Title Author Copyright or pub. date Catalog
, The Official Locomotive Rosters Standard Reference Kerr, James W. 1991 1070
, Instructions for Inspection and Maintenance of Rotating Apparatus     1116
, Brill Model 55 various manuals and drawings     1237
, Atlantic City trolley No. 250 Myers, William c1970 4910
, Army locomotive maintenance books (23)     10106
, Army locomotive maintenance books (22)     10107
, Army maintenance and field manuals (53)   c1970 10109
150 Years of North American Railroads Fitzsimons, Bernard 1982 1111
1836-1986, A Trubute To Canada'a First Railway On Its Seseuicentennial Messier, Jacques   942
1973 Transit: City-by-City   May 1973 1252
1998 Subways Guide, MTA New York City Transit     1227
2000 Subways Guide, MTA New York City Transit     1228
20th Century Steam   1994 1154
35 Years of Main Line Diesel Traction Marsden, Colin   1195
ABC of Tramways, The, trolley pictures and information from around the world Willemsen, B. 1959 963
ABC Railway Guide and Hotel Guide, The, West Indies and Caribbean Year Book   1964 930
Across New York by Trolley, The Third Avenue Railway System in Manhattan, The Bronx and Westchester Kramer, Frederick A. 1975 943
Advantages of a Feeder and Sub-Feeder System for Electric Railwa   c1889 1263
Agreement between The New York Central RR and the MOW Employees, rules     994
Agreement Entered into by and between LIRR and MOW and Con. Empl, rules     993
Air Brake and Safety Car Control Equipment Instructions, United Railways & Electric Co, Baltimore, MD   November, 1930 1169
Air Brake Inspection Manual, R-1 to R-44   c1974 1145
AME Electro-Pneumatic Variable Load Brake Equipment   February. 1952 1161
American Railway Guide and Pocket Companion, Correct tables and complete railway map for the United States   1851 957
America's Colorful Railroads, color photos of American Railroads in the 1940's and 1950's Ball Jr., Don 1978 931
America's Great Railroads York, Thomas 1987 1108
AMTRAK Car Spotter, A Guide to the New AMTRAK Car Numbers and Pre-AMTRAK Histories of AMTRAK's 1262 Cars Wayner, Robert J. 1972 1061
AMUE Electro_peneumatic Variable Load Brake Equipment   1952 1157
AMUE Electro-Pneumatic Variable Load Brake Equipment, Eighth Avenue Subway R-4, R-6, R-7, R-7A, R-9   February, 1952 1181
An American Original The PCC Car Kashin, Seymour and Demoro, Harre 1986 1097
Atlas of The World's Railways Hollingsworth, Brian 1980 1109
Audels Diesel Engine Manual, Questions and Answers   1936 1187
B. R. T. Trolley Lines in Queens County Seyfried, Vincent F. Summer 1959 1112
Baltimore and it's Streetcars, Baltimore streetcars - A pictorial review of the postwar years Harwood Jr, Herbert H. 1984 857
Basic Streetcar Operation, Instructions for K Control Straight Air and Safety Car     1254
Big Heart, The, San Francisco Cable Cars Van, Melvin 1957 1020
Biscayne Bay Trolleys, Street railways of the Miami area Ridolph, Edward 1981 873
Blue Ridge Trolley - the Haggerstown and Fredrick Railway, The history of the Haggerstown and Fredrick Railway. Harwood Jr, Herbert H. 1970 869
BMT Division Interlockings     1043
BMT Route & Destination Signs   c1940 1166
BMT Subway Car Assignment, June 1, 1940   Oct, 1977 1180
BMT Track & Switch Diagrams     1045
Boston Rapid Transit Album, Bulletin Number Seventeen   1981 1185
Brake Equipment for New York City Subway and Elevated Lines, Contracts R-10 Thru R-40   1968 1127
Branford Electric Railway Journal V36, Streetcars north of the Harlem River Schreiber, Mike 1992 1249
Branford Electric Railway Journal V37, Third Avenue Railway System-Car Builder Engel, Donald 1993-1994 1250
British Railways Modernisation Progress Report   May 1961 997
BROOKLYN TROLLEYS, Brooklyn Trolleys - includes a map of the trolley lines. Greller, James C.; Watson, Edward B. 1986 871
Brotherhoods, Engineers, Railway works Leleux, Sydney A. 1965 975
Building a Model Railroad, Model Railroads Coolidge, Albert Sprague 1929 878
Bulletin, The, National Railway Historical Society   1975 923
Bulletin, The, National Railway Historical Society   1975 924
Bulletin, The, National Railway Historical Society   1975 925
Buses, Trolleys & Trams Dunbar, Charles S. 1967 1196
Busses Trolleys and Trams, Public road transportation for the last 150 years Dunbar, Charles S. 1967 854
Cable Car Book, The Smallwood, Miller, DeNevi 1983 1190
Capital Improvement Program for NYC's Rail Freight System Solomon, Peter J., Sturz, Herbert June 1980 1171
Care of Traction Motors, A Guide to the Inspection, Maintenance and Running Shop Overhaul of DC Traction Motors Biglow, Barry; Scafe, Don   1075
Catenary Equipment for Railway Electrification, Ohio Brass equipment catalog   c1985 1059
Catskill Mountain Steam Railroad Restoration Project, A Preliminary Assessment Miner, Thomas H. August 1979 1084
Catskill Mountains, Ulster & Delaware Railroad 1902 guide   1902 1224
Century of Model Trains 1870-1970, A Levy, Allen 1974 1053
Chemins de Fer Regionaux et Urbains, Steam trains in France   1969 1000
Chessie System Engineering Department Field Accounting Manual, A how to of engineering forms.   c1980 904
Chicago Transit Authority Glossary of Transit Terminology   Sep 1974 1251
Chicago Transit Authority Operating Properties, Bus Turnarounds, Vehicle maintenance facilities;Rapid Transit right of way     1259
Chicago Transit Authority Rules for Operating Employes     1246
Chicago Transit History & Progress, CTA Public Information Dept     1258
City and Suburban Travel   1955-1964 100000
Cleveland's Dynamic Transit Heritage, Commemorating The First Ten Years of RTA Hays, Blaine S. c1986 1191
Collector's Book of Railroadiana, The, A complete guide to collectable railroad memorabilia & antiques Baker, Stanley L. and Barinard Kunz, Virginia 1976 1106
Collectors Book of the Locomotive, The Alexander, Edwin P. 1966 1184
Commuter's Handbook, Long Island Rail Road   c1971 4311
Cooks Continental Timetable, Schedules Price, J. H., editor 1974 916
Corner of Hickory and Third, The, One Man's Memories Meloling, Lawrence 1967 1089
Cortland County Traction King, Shelden S. 1965 978
Country Rides by Trolley to Forty Cities and Towns, Boston and surrounding area George Sabin Brush 1906 1243
Cummins Parts Catalog, Model L, LR, LRT, Bulletin: 966813-A   1968 1135
Cyclopedia of Applied Electricity, Power Transmission Distribution Railways Index   1920 1183
Davington Light Railway, The, Locomotion Papers #40 Taylor, M. Minter 1968 863
Delaware & Hudson, The history of an important railroad whose antecedent was a canal network to transport coal Shaughnessy, Jim 1967 1113
Delaware & Northern and the Towns It Served, The Horton, Gertrude Fitch 1989 946
Derailment Committee Handbook     1142
Desire of Tramcars, A Jowitt, Robert E. 1969 969
District 3 RTO Route Guide, B D N Q     1231
Door and Step Control Hand Book, Installation and Maintenance   1924 1095
Down To The River By Trolley, The History of the New Paltz-Highland Trolley Line Glendon L. Moffett 1993 900
Earl Clark's Directory of World Electric Lines - 1962   1962 859
Earl Clark's Directory of World Electric Lines - 1971 Clark, Earl W. 1971 1222
Early Trains, Over 100 pictures of the coming of the railroad Morgan, Bryan 1974 1189
Eden Musee, Monthly Catalog   January 1906 4312
Edison Storage Battery, The Smith, B. Hawley c1940 4412
Electric Railway Equipment, Helpful Hints on its Maintenance   October 1922 1204
Electric Railway Handbook, ARM Reprint, 1989 Richey, Albert S. 1924 1209
Electric Railway Journal Maintenance Manual, Manual of maintenance practice   1929 1025
Electric Street Railways No.3 Observatory Hill Passenger Railway   1888 1261
Electrical Equipment for PCC Cars, Westinghouse Kingston, C. R. 5-41 1199
Electrical Equipment for Railroad Diesel Motive Power Candee, A. H. 1940 1197
Electriclines v4n6, Broad Street Subway;Upper Midwest;Low-floor;Dayton Trolley Buses   Nov-Dec 1991 203024
Electriclines v5n1, Budapest;PATH;Washington;Philadelphia   Jan-Feb 1992 203025
Electriclines v5n2, Baltimore;Edmonton;Brno;Palisades   Mar-Apr 1992 203026
Electriclines v5n3, NYCTA test train;Crescent City;Flat roof Kuhlman cars   May-Jun 1992 203027
Electriclines v5n4, Boston comes to Brooklyn;Bendigo;San Diego;Baltimore   Jul-Aug 1992 203028
Elmira and Chemung Valley Trolleys in the Southern Tier Gordon, William R. 1970 1013
Elmira Trolleys King, Sheldon S. 1961 1213
Engineman's Manual for Operating Fairbanks-Moorse Units, 1500-HP Diesel Freight, Passenger and Transfer Unit and 2000-HP Diesel Freight and Transfer Unit   Oct., 1947 990
English Country Tramway, An, Burton and Ashby Light Railway Parr, R. B. 1970 974
Environment of the Traction Era, The, A brief study of the electric traction industy in its American setting. Crapo, Raymond F. 1978 947
Equipment for Presidents' Conference Car, Instructions   August, 1936 1188
Erie's Trolleys Rohrbeck, Benson W. 1997 1119
Expressway Rapit Transit, CTA Research/Planning Krambles, George 1971 1257
Fairy Tale Railroad, The Mohawk and Malone From the Mohawk, through the Adirondacks to the St. Lawrence Harter, Henry A. 1979 934
Fastness of France, A book about Massif Central Morgan, Bryan 1962 877
Field and Depot Maintenance Manual, Locomotive, Diesel-Electric, 0-6-6-0 American Locomotive Engine Model 244-F, 1600 HP, General Electric   March 1964 1153
Field Manual of the A. A. R. Interchange Rules, Association of American Railroads     1132
Flying Scotsman, East Coast railway route Pegler, Alan 1969 950
Fowler Light Railway Machinery Locomotives   1972 1100
FRA Track Safety Standards   March, 1975 10186
From Horsecars to Streamliners, An Illustrated History of the St. Louis Car Company Lind, Alan R. 1978 888
Fundamentals of Train Air Brakes, Locomotive Engineer Certification Program   c1980 1172
GARDEN SPOT TROLLEYS, All illustrated history of the electric street railway in Lancaster county Pennsylvania Cummings, Luther P.;Rohrbeck, Benson W. 1977 868
Gas-Electric Train, exhibited by the Baltimore & Ohio Railroad   Sept. 24-Oct 8 1927 4315
GE Diesel-Electric Switching Locomotive, Operation and Maintenance Instructions   June 1983 1080
GE Electric Switching Locomotive, Operation and Maintenance Instructions   October 1983 1081
GE MCM Control System, The, R16, R17, R21 contracts   c1960 1128
GE Part Catalog, R-9 Cars   10/69 1144
GE Renewal Parts Catalog, R-9 Cars   c1936 1146
General Track Work Standards, Erie Lackawanna Railroad Company; The New Jersey and New York Railroad Company     987
Ghost Railroads of Indiana Sulzer, Elmer G. 1970 1055
Giants Causeway, Portrush & Bush Valley Railway & Tramway Co. McGuigan, John 1983 1236
GM6C Electric Locomotive Specifications   July, 1975 1149
Golden Age of Tramways, The Klapper, Charles 1961 918
Good Saint Anne's Railway, The, An illustrated historical account of seventy years of railway service on the coast of Beaupre Lavallee, Omer S. A. c1960 1083
Great Book of Trains, The Hollingsworth, Brian and Cook, Arthur 1987 1110
Great British Tramway Networks Bett, Wingate H. and Gillham, John C. 1944 995
Great Railway Photographers Earley, Maurice 1996 1194
Great Western Railway in Dean, The, Horse Tramroads - broad gauge, standard gauge and narrow gauge railroads Parr, H.W. 1965 852
Guernsey Railway, The, The German occupation lines in Guernsey and the Alderney Railway Bonson, W.R.P   853
Guide to Brooklyn Street Railways Including the Rapid Transit, A, Brooklyn Street Railways     850
H-2-A Automatic Car, Air and Electric Coupler with BL-25-A   June 1940 1160
H-2-C Automatic Car, Air and Electric Coupler with BL-25-B, Descriptive Leaflet No. 2466   October, 1956 1140
HAWAIIAN TRAMWAYS Melvin, Roy S.;Ramsey, Robert   860
Hazelton's Trolleys Rohrbeck, Benson W. 1993 1122
Here Comes the Trolley!, A Brief, Informal, Illustrated History of the Electric Trolleys in Utica, New York Gurley, Robert G. 1964 1077
Here Comes the Trolley!, A Brief, Informal, Illustrated History of the Electric Trolleys in Utica, New York Gurley, Robert G. 1964 1214
Hisorical Long Island Paintings and Sketches Lewis, Cyril A. 1964 938
Historic Cars of the Seashore Trolley Museum Cummings, O. R. 1970 948
History of Lehigh Valley Transit Company Railway Operations, Lehigh Valley Transit Company Kulp, Randolph L. 1966 951
History of Mack Rail Motor Cars and Locomotives Kulp, Randolph L.   941
History of Trolley Cars & Routes in Philadelphia, The     4336
Horsecars, Cable Cars and Omnibuses, 107 photographs from the John Stephenson company album, 1888 White Jr., John H. 1974 966
How a Twenty Million Dollar Railroad was Built in Mid-air - Thir, The Third Avenue Elevated Railroad Interborough Rapid Transit Company 1917 896
How The Underground Works, The Underground and London Transport Garbutt, P. E. 1963 932
How to Read German Schematic Diagrams of Industrial Equipment   June 1979 1163
Hudson River Pilot, From Steamboats to Super Tankers Hamilton, Captain John G. 2001 1208
Hungarian Railroads Kalla-Bishop, P. M. 1973 1022
Illustrated Encyclopedia of the World's Steam Passenger Locomoti, A technical directory of major international express train engines from the 1820's to the present day Hollingsworth, Brian 1982 1058
In Transit, Transport Workers Union in New York City 1933-1966 Freeman, Joshua B. 2001 1226
Information and Instructions for the Guidance of Conductors, Motormen, and Trainmen Engaged in Train and Yard Operations     1177
Information and Instructions For the Guidance of Motormen and Co, Operation of R-10 and up Type Cars   1969 1040
Information and Instructions For the Guidance of Motormen and Co, IND Division     1041
Information and Instructions For the Guidance of Motormen and Co, BMT Division   1950 1170
Inspection and Care of P. C. C. Car Electrical Equipment, Westinghouse   12-42 1198
Instructions for Car Equipment, R-10, R-11, R-12, R-14, R-15     1139
Instructions for Inspection and Maintenance of Control Equipment, R-10, R-12, R-14, R-15   c1949 1138
Instructions for Operating and Maintaining, Air Brake and Air Signal Apparatus, Lubrications and Electric Headlights Minneapolis, St. Paul and Sault Ste. Marie Railway Company 1997 1076
Interurban Interlude, A History of the North Jersey Rapid Transit Company Quinby, Cdr. E. J. 1968 1015
Iron Horses: American Locomotives 1829-1900 Alexander, Edwin P. 1941 1114
Italian Railways Kalla-Bishop, P. M. 1971 1021
Jamaica Trolleys, The story of the Jamaica Turnpike and Trolley Line Seyfried, Vincent F. November, 1953 965
JAMESTOWN AND CHAUTAUQUA LAKE TROLLEYS, History of the Jamestown and Chautauqua Lake Trolleys Fenton Historical Society 1974 899
Jane's World Railways, A world survey of Railway Operations and Equipment Sampson, Henry 1966 893
Jane's World Railways   1971 1107
JOHNSTOWN TRACTION CO. 1882-1960, The history of the Johnstown Traction Company Rohrbeck, Benson W. 1980 889
Journal of the Tramway Museum Society, The   1996 200153
Journal of the Tramway Museum Society, The   1996 200154
Last Tram, The, Trams in Glasgow Oakley, Charles A. 1962 977
Laurel Line: An Anthracite Region Railway Henwood, James N. J. and Muncie, John G. 1986 1105
Le Guide du Musee du Transport Urbain Bruxellois, Brussels Transit Museum Matagne, Philippe; Walraevens, Roger 1992 1051
Lee Moor Tramway, The, Locomotion Papers No. 19 Hall, R.M.S. 1963 861
Lehigh Valley Transit Company's St. Louis Cars, The, History and Roster Kulp, Randolph L. 1961 954
Lewiston, Augusta & Waterville Street Railway Cummings, O. R. 1963 1215
Liberty Bell Route's 1000 Series Interurban Cars, The, History and Roster Kulp, Randolph L. 1964 955
Liberty Bell Route's 1000 Series Interurban Cars, The, History and Roster Kulp, Randolph L. 1964 1218
Lightweight Street and Interurban Cars Engel, Donald 1998 1162
Link-Belt General Catalog 500     1134
Liverpool Overhead Railway 1893-1956, The transportation system of Liverpool. Box, Charles E. 1959 922
Locomotive Advertising in America 1850-1900, Illustrated advertisements include locomotives, cars, machinery and railroad equipment   1960 1049
London Bus & Tram Album, Buses and Trams in England Darling, V. H. 1962 917
Long Island Electric Railway Jamaica Central Railways, 1894-1933 Seyfried, Vincent F. 1951 980
Long Island Electric Railway Jamaica Central Railways, 1894-1933 Seyfried, Vincent F. 1951 1216
Long Island Rail Road Roadway Charts and Annual Work Programs   March 1975 984
Long Island Railroad Memories   1981 856
Lost Railroads of New England Karr, Ronald Dale 1989 1210
Maintenance Practice Manual for PCC Cars     1179
Makin' Tracks, The story of the transcontinental railroad in the pictures and words of the men who were there Mayer, Lynne Rhodes; Vose, Kenneth E. 1975 1054
Management of Train Operation and Train Handling   1972 1046
Manchester Bury Rochdale & Oldham Steam Tramway, The Hyde, W. G. S. 1979 1094
Manual for Enginemen, Alco 660-HP switcher, 1000-HP switcher and 1000-HP road switcher ALCO/GE   983
Manual of Instructions for Supervisors in the Command Center     1039
Mediterranean Island Railways, Railways on different islands in the Mediterranean Kalla-Bishop, P. M. 1970 928
Miniature Steam Locomotives Woodcock, G. 1964 973
Model Traction Handbook for Model Railroads Mallery; Mallery 1975 1253
Motormen Instructors Manual R44 Cars     1158
Motormen Trouble-Shooting Guide, R-10 thru R-28 cars     1175
Multiple Unit Electro-Pneumatic Brake Equipment, Multi-Section Cars   April, 1936 1182
Museum Registration Methods Dudley, Dorothy H.;Wilkinson, Irma Bezold 1979 1066
National Railway Bulletin, National Railway Historical Society   1976 926
National Railway Bulletin, National Railway Historical Society   1976 927
New Subways for New York - the Dual System of Rapid Transit, A summary of the Dual Contract of 1913 Public Service Commision 1913 890
NEW YORK & LONG ISLAND TRACTION COMPANY, The history of the New York & Long Island Traction Company Seyfried, Vincent F. 1952 894
NEW YORK & LONG ISLAND TRACTION COMPANY, The history of the New York & Long Island Traction Company Seyfried, Vincent F. 1952 1219
New York and Queens County Railway and The Steinway Lines, The, 1867-1939 Seyfried, Vincent F. 1950 1092
New York and Queens County Railway and The Steinway Lines, The, 1867-1939 Seyfried, Vincent F. 1950 1217
New York Central Railroad Company Time Table, River Division     1173
New York State Railways Pictorial, The, The New York State Railways King, Sheldon S. 1952 892
New York State Railways, The, The New York State Railways until 1929 King, Sheldon S. 1951 891
North Arkansas Line, The, The story of the Missouri and North Arkansas Railroad Fair Jr, James R. 1969 872
North British Locomotive, A catalogue of Narrow Gauge locomotives, 1912 Thomas, John 1970 885
NYCTA Derailment Committee Seminar, Outline for Discussion, To promote safety and reduce equipment desctruction by investigating all derailments, collisions, and incidents involving trans causing structural damage     1037
NYCTA R32/32A Maintenance Instruction Program Information, Stainless Steel Construction and Shotweld Principle;Recommended Cleaning Solutions for Exteriors of Budd Built Stainless Steel Passenger Cars     1125
NYCTA Radio-Wire Communication Manual, Radio use and FCC rules     1036
NYCTA Training Manual, Car Equipment   1981 1030
NYCTA Training Manual, Communications, Communications   1981 1033
NYCTA Training Manual, Emergencies, Emergencies   1981 1034
NYCTA Training Manual, Introduction to the RTTD, Rapid Transit Transportation Department   1981 1031
NYCTA Training Manual, Operations, Operations   1981 1032
NYCTA Training Manual, Track & Signals, Track & Signals   1981 1035
O. & W., The Long Live and Slow Death of the New York, Ontario & Western Railway Helmer, William F. 1959 967
Observers Book of Railway Locomotives of Britain, The, British Locomotives Casserley, H.C. 1955 870
Official Guide of the Railways and Steam Navagation Lines, The, schedules, maps   1968 970
Official Guide of the Railways and Steam Navagation Lines, The, schedules, maps   1948 971
Official Guide of the Railways and Steam Navagation Lines, The, schedules, maps   1939 972
Official Guide of the Railways and Steam Navagation, The, schedules   1964 913
Official Guide of the Railways, The   1971 961
Official Guide of the Railways, The   1971 962
Official Railway Guide North American Passenger Travel Editi, Th, schedules   1977 914
Ohio Brass Co. Transit Catalog No. 23, street railway and trolley coach line materials and equipment   1940 1027
Old Trolley Postcards, 24 Ready-to-Mail Full-Color Views Fletcher; Rossman 1987 1248
Oneonta Roundhouse, The Loudon, Jim 1993 1202
Operating Manual Diesel-Electric Locomotive 50 Ton   2-85 1148
Operating Rules, BERA   Jan 1975, Rev I, II, 1976 1255
Operation and Maintenance Instructions Heating and Ventilating, NYCTA R-16   c1955 1131
Operations Control Center, CTA   10/72 1256
Order Guide for Supplies and Car & Truck Specialties, J. G. Brill Catalog #165   1906 1078
P & W Autumn Ramble, Operating the Penn's Landing Trolley   1987 1099
Pacific Coast Shay, Strong Man of the Woods Ranger Jr., Dan 1964 1056
PC Passenger Brake Equipment, Instruction Pamphlet No. 5045   July, 1919 1176
PCC from Coast to Coast Schneider III, Fred W and Carlson, Stephen P. 1983 1096
Peak Forest Tramway - 1894-1936, The, Locomotion Papers #38 Ripley,D   862
Penn Central Eastern Region Timetable No. 4, Philadelphia, Chesapeake and Harrisburg divisions     1178
Pennsylvania's Oil Region Trolleys Rohrbeck, Benson W. 1995 1121
Philadelphia Transportation Company, The   c1945 1085
Pictoral History of Railroads, The, John Westwood   1988 912
Pictoral History of Railroads, The Westwood, John 1988 1017
Picturesque Ulster, A reprint of a series of books on Ulster County published in 1896 through 1905. De Lisser, Richard Lionel 1968 883
Picturesque Ulster, Vol 1, The City of Kingston De Lisser, Richard Lionel 1896 1242
Pocket List of Railroad Officials, The, Containing the names of officials in charge of railroads in the US, Canada, Mexico, Cuba, Puerto Rico and Dominican Republic   1946 958
Post-War Rapid Transit Cars Data Book One   September, 1963 1150
Post-War Rapid Transit Cars Data Book Two   April, 1965 1151
Power Equipment for Rectifier Stations, 8th Avenue Line, Contract P 3 Drawings 1929   1929 1244
Questions and Answers Uniform Code of Rules, rules     992
Quick Review of the East Broad Top, A, The Narrow Gauge of the East   1960 940
R127 Maintenance Instruction Course, Student Handbook NYCTA   1235
R142 Conductor's Familiarization Course, Instructor's Guide, MTA New York City Transit   5/2000 1225
R142 Conductor's Familiarization Course, Participant Guide, MTA New York City Transit   5/2000 1232
R142A Train Operator's Training, Draft Participant's Guide   3/2000 1233
R-62 Maintainer's Pocket Manual Book 1 Door System     1115
R-62 Maintainer's Pocket Manual Book IV, Brakes and Air Supply     1230
R-62 Operator's Manual     1174
R68A Operator's Manual, NYCTA     1229
Railfan's Guide to Museum & Park Displays, The Kean, Randolph   1093
Railroad Film Directory   January, 1976 1137
Railroad-Highway Grade Crossing Protection, Recommended Practices Association of American Railroads 1966 988
Railroads 100 Years Ago, The American Railroad;English and American Railways Whitson, Skip 1977 1065
Railroads In the Lehigh River Valley Kulp, Randolph L. 1962 952
Railroads of Nevada and Eastern California - Volume 2, Las Vegas and Tonopah; Bullfrog and Goldfield; Lida Valley, Bonnie Claire and Ulihebe; Tonopah and Tidewater;Tecopa; Greenwater; American Carrara Marble; Death Valley; Salt Lake Route Myrick, David F. 1963 886
Railroads: The Great American Adventure Ogburn, Charlton 1977 1102
Rails, Trackwork and Accessories, Midwest Steel   1971 1101
Railway Classics, Catalog from Railway Classics     936
Railway Holiday in Northern Germany, Trains in Northern Germany Davies, W. J. K. 1965 855
Railway Mechanical Engineering, Materials Used in Locomotive Construction Carriage and Wagon Design Carriage Lighting   c1920 1186
Railway Passenger Car Annual Randall, W. David 1974 1090
Railway Relics, Listing of all known preserved locomotives, working and static, in Great Britain and Ireland. Morgan, Bryan 1969 887
Railway Signaling on the San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge   1939 1063
Railways Loxton, Howard 1963 1143
Railways of The Republic of Ireland, The, A Pictoral Survey of the G.S.R and C.I.E. 1925-75 Baker, Michael H. C. 1975 1011
Railways of the World Hollingsworth, Brian 1979 1012
Rapid Transit in Buffalo, Bullalo Street Ry Co;Buffalo East Side Street Ry Co   c1900 1262
Rapid Transit Passenger Car Data 1947-1963, R-10 though R-36 specifications   September 1963 1010
Rapid Transit Passenger Car Data 1947-1976, R-10 though R-46 specifications   March 1976 1124
Reading Street Railway Company, The Rohrbeck, Benson W. 1999 1118
Recommendations for Stocking Renewal Parts of Westinghouse Equip, Box Crand and Hoist Co for Motors & Control     1167
Red Book, Information and Street Guide of Brooklyn Borough Kings County City of New York   1930 4341
Rehabilitation Hints for the Electric Railway Industry     1239
Renewal-Parts Catalog No. GEX-423, General Electric equipment used on 375 Multiple Unit cars   compiled 11/16/48 1018
Reorganization and Amendment of the MTA and Agency Rules, New York City Metropolitan Transit Authority     1067
Response and Investigation for Collisions, Derailments and Switc, Information for RTO Supervisors     1038
Ride Down Memory Lane - The Story of the Branford Trolley Museum, The Branford Trolley Museum Stern, John 1957 874
Ride Down Memory Lane - The Story of the Branford Trolley Museum, The Branford Trolley Museum Stern, John 1965 1024
Rip Van Winkle Railroads, Canajoharie and Catskill Rail Road, Catskill Mountain Rail Road, Catskill and Tannersville Railway and Otis Elevated Railway Helmer, William F. 1970 884
Road Car Inspector Diesel Trouble-Shooting, Diesel-Electric, Cummins, 47 tons     1048
Rochester & Sodus Bay Ry. Co. 1889 to 1929, The Royal Blue Line Gordon, William R. 1952 1220
Rochester, Lockport and Buffalo R. R. 1908-1931 Gordon, William R. 1963 1014
Rochester, Syracuse and Eastern, The, Travelectric 1906-1931 Gordon, William R.; McFarline, James R. 1961 1016
Rockaway Valley Railroad, The Johnston, Howard E. September 1958 1001
Round the World on the Narrow Guage, Narrow Gauge Railways Whitehouse, P. B.;Allen, P. C. 1966 903
Route of the Orange Limited, The, Rochester - Pittsford - Victor - Canandaigua - Seneca Castle - Geneva Gordon, William R. 1953 929
Rules and Regulations Governing Employees, Rules Relative to the Operation of Trains     1047
Rules and Regulations Governing Employees, Rules Relative to the Operation of Trains     1069
Rules for Conducting Transportation, Conrail operating rules   5/76 1073
Rules of the Operating Department, Long Island Rail Road LIRR   985
Rules of the Operating Department, Long Island Rail Road LIRR   986
Rules of the Operating Department, New York Central System New York Central   989
Running Maintenance MCM Control for R16 Contract Furnished, Instructions   1/55 1133
San Francisco Municipal Railway 1912-1944   1912-1944 998
San Francisco Municipal Railway 1944-1964   1944-1964 999
San Francisco's Cable Cars Thomas, Lynn c1986 1207
Sayonara Streetcar, A parting look at Japan's Traditional Tramways Forty, Ralph 1978 939
Scenes from the Shore Lines, North Shore Line, South Shore Line Olmsted, Robert P. 1964 1052
Scenic Motor Bus Tour though the Grand Gorge, Ulster and Delaware NRHS tour Best, Gerald M. November 1976 1074
School Car Track & Switch Diagrams, IND & BMT Division, IRT Connection Points     1044
Scranton Rwy. Co., Street railway operation in Scranton Flanagan, Thomas F. 1979 901
Scranton's Trolleys Rohrbeck, Benson R. 1999 1117
Self Propelled Cars of the CNR, Canadian National Railway cars Clegg, Anthony 1962 964
Sellers Wheel Lathes   c1920 1130
SEPTA HISTORY, The Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority 1981 875
Shop Procedures Repair and Modifications to Budd Stainless Steel, Railway and Rapid Transit cars     1126
Simplified Curve and Switch Work Rench, W. F. 1947 981
Single Car Testing Device, Code of Tests specified by the Association of American Railroads   January, 1977 1164
SMEE Brake Equipment with ME-42 Type Brake Valve   1961 1156
South Brooklyn Ry. Special Souvenir Brochure Raudenbush, Henry T.   1072
Specification for Equipment Car Bodies and Trucks, Multi-Section Cars     1165
Specifications for Construction and Maintenance of Track, Pennsylvania Railroad Pennsylvania Railroad c1965 991
Spokane's Street Railways - an Illustrated History Mutschler, Chas. W.; Parent, Clyde L.; Siegert, Wilmer H. 1987 880
State Engineer's Report on Railroads, Annual Report of the State Engr and Surveyor of the State of NY and of the Tabulations and Deductions from the Reports of the Railroad Corps.   1878 1201
State of New York Vehicle & Traffic Law   1989 1086
Staten Island Rapid Transit   1965 1103
Staten Island Rapid Transit Operating Rules     1155
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